Monday, September 1, 2008

For sake's sake

Remember how I vowed to stay away from RA Sushi, the chain that opened its first Orange County location in Tustin recently?

Well, I actually violated that vow and visited there recently. And I lived to tell about it.

I went with trepidation to a "Sake 101" pairing dinner RA hosted - and was pleasantly surprised how well-educated the managers are.

Read the details here.

Bottom line: I still won't go to RA for sushi. But it's a nice place (with an airy, modern atmosphere) for drinks, and their sake menu is quite respectable.

But note the strange experience that commenter Linda described in that post, being "cut off" from the fine rice wine at RA ... weird. I'll have to check into what this is about. And if anyone out there has had a similiar experience, please let me know.