Monday, March 30, 2009

Tokyo: Foodie heaven!

Just learned that a friend is going to Tokyo in a few weeks for business - how fun!
And what perfect timing - he may be able to get a good dose of the famous cherry blossoms in bloom during their brief yet dazzling annual appearance.

He and his wife solicited my suggestions for what else to see, and to eat, in Tokyo - a challenging request when you consider this megalopolis of fun and food.
I almost didn't know where to start. So I relied on a couple of online resources that I've come to count on for these types of requests.

Since I was pulling them out of my Bookmarks library anyway, I thought I'd share them with all you RawFishy readers. Perhaps some of you may be headed to Japan, too:

* A good Japan reference site is I especially like the suggested excursions, like these itineraries for Tokyo.

* This Travel+Leisure article has become my favorite on Japanese food, because it not only lists great diverse places to try in Tokyo, it captures perfectly the schizophrenic gastronomic appetites and interests of my people!

* And is a helpful Japanese dining and culture guide, focused on the more popular Japanese tourist areas like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I'm heading to Japan next month, and will spend about a week in Tokyo. I am so excited to gorge myself on delicious Japanese cuisine.