Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fishlips Sushi: Raw-fish Coach?

There's been a lot written, blogged and Tweeted lately about modern-day food trucks that offer unusual, tasty and gourmet food beyond the traditional "roach coach," and broadcast their locations via very modern mobile media (Twitter, mostly).

I still haven't had a chance to try the famous local pioneer of this trend: Kogi's Korean tacos.

And then there's this one, that I MUST try, being Rawfishionado and all: Fishlips Sushi.

Some foodies are giving Fishlips good reviews.

I'm willing to go up to L.A. to try Fishlips, but the company is based in Torrance, so I wonder if I can catch them in Long Beach. They seem to truck around mostly in West and central L.A. - wherever they get called, apparently, usually at a specific business or in a business area.

And I wonder if I can get them down to Irvine, where I work...

Kogi's has been smart enough to come down to the O.C., where there are large Korean and Mexican populations. And with such a large Asian-American population in general here, Fishlips would be right at home, too.

If you haven't heard about this trend, read more here about the various businesses jumping on the band wagon, so to speak:

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